Frequently asked questions

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship both locally and overseas. Please see shipping policy.

How do I care for my silk products?

Please refer to our detailed write up here for care and washing instructions.

Can I receive a refund/exchange for my order?

Due to hygiene purposes, we do not accept any exchange or refunds for any of our products. Please contact us if you have any issues with your order.

Are your silk products natural?

Yes, all of our silk products are naturally derived and handpicked by us to bring you the best quality. Our fabrics are made from pure mulberry silk and non-toxic dyes; using only materials certified according to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®.

Can I use silk products if I have sensitive skin, eczema etc.?

Yes, of course you can! Our products are made of pure mulberry silk and non-toxic dyes, free of any synthetic fibers or harsh chemicals. Silk fabric were traditionally used due to the skin-friendly properties naturally present and it's hypoallergenic features which is great for sensitive skin. Silk fabrics are excellent insulators - cool in summer / warm in winter which makes it comfortable on both your hair and skin. Read our silk benefits for more information.

Can I machine-wash my silks?

No. Too much soap and excess wringing in the tub will damage your natural silk leaving white streaks. Therefore we do not recommend machine wash. As silks are naturally antimicrobial, washing your silks should be a very quick and gentle process. We like to use the "towel roll" method to dry our silks, and iron on low temperature when damp, to dry.

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